Welcome to my 1998 Acura Integra Type R OEM HID Retrofit!

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  Tools & Materials
  Step #1 Bumper Removal
  Step #2 Headlight Removal
  Step #3 Headlight Disassembly
  Step #4 Cutting Projector
  Step #5 Drill Mounts
  Step #6 Reassembly
  Step #7 Wiring & Mounting
  Step #8 Cleaning Up

Step #3 - Headlight Disassembly
- Remove all rubber hoses, clamps, rubber lightbulb plug, and the L + R leveling needle.
- Place empty headlight on pan with a cookie sheet. Make sure the headlight does not
  directly touch the oven or it will melt! DO NOT PLACE headlight in oven yet.
- Preheat the oven to 400 Degrees (F)
- TURN OFF oven and place headlight in the oven for 10 minutes
- When the cute timer goes off carefully remove the headlight and use a butter knife to pry open the housing. Start at one end and slowly slide butter knife along while a friend pulls the headlight apart. BE CAREFUL, the headlight housing will most likely be hot, and also try not to scratch up the high beam reflector with the butter knife.

- Now with the headlight housing pulled apart, remove the two aiming bolts on the back of the assembly.
- Now on the front side of the headlight, push in the black plastic round tab on the bracket between
  the low and high beams to free the housing from the bracket.
- The bracket holding the low/high beam should now be pulled apart from the housing.

- Remove the 3 gold philips screws that hold on the high beam reflector.
- Remove the front lense (and round bracket holding) it on with the 2 screws on the front
  of the low beam projector.
- Remove the lowbeam reflector housing by removing the screws on the back of the lowbeam
- Now all you'll have is a bare headlight bracket

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