Welcome to my 1998 Acura Integra Type R OEM HID Retrofit!

If you have any questions or need help please check out http://www.hidplanet.com.

  Tools & Materials
  Step #1 Bumper Removal
  Step #2 Headlight Removal
  Step #3 Headlight Disassembly
  Step #4 Cutting Projector
  Step #5 Drill Mounts
  Step #6 Reassembly
  Step #7 Wiring & Mounting
  Step #8 Cleaning Up

Step #2 - Headlight Removal
- Remove highbeam/lowbeam bulbs from housing, place in safe place.
- Remove the two bolts on top of the headlight housing.
- Remove the 2 bolts closest to the bumper on the brackets on the bottom of the headlight housing.
 (Be careful not to lose the metal tabs that hold the bolt against the bracket).

Now that you ahve the headlight housing removed from the car, we can start to have some real fun!

Next Step -> Headlight Disassembly

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