Welcome to my 1998 Acura Integra Type R OEM HID Retrofit!

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  Tools & Materials
  Step #1 Bumper Removal
  Step #2 Headlight Removal
  Step #3 Headlight Disassembly
  Step #4 Cutting Projector
  Step #5 Drill Mounts
  Step #6 Reassembly
  Step #7 Wiring & Mounting
  Step #8 Cleaning Up

Halogen Projectors vs. HID Projectors
I don't know if you've noticed but the stock Integra halogen projectors do not output HID light very well. The halogen projector is designed to work best with halogen lighting and shining HID light through the projector will not yield the best results.

An HID projector is designed for use with, well, HID lighting. The lense, reflector and light cut-off shields are all designed to work together to work very efficiently with HID lighting and provide the best available output of light. HID projectors when used with HID lighting will have a sharp cutoff at the top of the beam reducing glare towards oncoming traffic and the HID light will be spreadevenly on the ground with virtually no hotspots.

HID Cut Off

What HID kit will be used and what car does this apply to? I will be using an HID kit from a 2002 Audi A6 with OSRAM bulbs and Hella made ballasts. The car that will be used for installation is a 1998 Integra Type R. If you have a different car or a different HID kit or want further information regarding HID Retrofits, then please refer to the Automotive Lighting FAQ (http://faq.auto.light.tripod.com).

Test Your HID Kit!
Before you being the retrofit, make sure your OEM HID kit is in perfect working order. You can test it out by hooking the bulbs up, then touch the negative (black) wire on the ballast to your negative terminal on the battery, and then the positive (green) wire on the ballst to your positive terminal. This should light the system up.

WARNING: For safety of yourself and the HID kit, raise the ballast away from any ground on your car, either have a friend hold it or place something that does not conduct electricity between your car and the ballast. The reason for this was for some reason my positive and negative wires on my ballasts were reversed and when I hooked it up to the battery, the system sparked because I was putting negative on positive, and positive on negative, and with the ballast grounded it was very dangerous!

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