Welcome to my 1998 Acura Integra Type R OEM HID Retrofit!

If you have any questions or need help please check out http://www.hidplanet.com.

Welcome to my 1998 Integra Type R OEM HID Retrofit page. The purpose of this site is to show you how to perform an OEM HID Projector swap into your non OEM HID Halogen headlight housing for an Integra (or similar vehicle). Please read this guide carefully before attempting to do this swap. Read all WARNINGS and DISCLAIMERS as well. If you follow these instructions carefully you'll be enjoying awesome OEM HID headlights soon!

  Tools & Materials
  Step #1 Bumper Removal
  Step #2 Headlight Removal
  Step #3 Headlight Disassembly
  Step #4 Cutting Projector
  Step #5 Drill Mounts
  Step #6 Reassembly
  Step #7 Wiring & Mounting
  Step #8 Cleaning Up


Before I begin I want to say that I am in no way responsible for what you do to your own car! This page is only to be used as a guide to doing a swap, I'm assuming that you have general knowledge in working with cars, HID kits, and tools in general and if you do not feel confident then please don't try this at home!

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